A rowdy band of young men, among them twenty-something LES ROBERTS, pull up to a roadside bar. One of the gang spills beer onto STIX, an oddly dressed, nerdy character hanging around the entrance. The nerd promptly follows them in, whining about reparations for the damage causes by the spilt beer. Matters eventually lead the group outside, where the skinny nerd sheds his shirt and his high-pitched voice, revealing a taut, tattooed body and the determined gaze of a highly skilled fighter. Stix promptly pounds his untrained opponent into the ground. This is Les’ introduction into the strange methodology of Broken Glory Gym and the world of Mixed Martial Arts.


The fight awakens Les’ own dormant passion for fighting and leads him to join the Gym, led by SARGE, its charismatic leader. But as a new inductee, Les’ initiation follows a bizarre course; his first challenge is to fight an unassuming, sobbing Chinese man in a bar. Yet, he manages to lose even at this simple task. After waking up from a knockout, he learns his first lesson; know your enemy. This is the first of many teachings that prepare him for the discipline, endurance, strength, and strategy involved in the complex art of cage fighting.


After learning the basic arts of jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and striking with the unconventional cast of Broken Glory Gym, Les moves on to perform in fights as an amateur in cage fighting. After a rocky start, his determination to succeed earns him an impressive three-fight winning streak over more favored opponents and he establishes himself as the next big thing in the sport of MMA.


But while celebrating a recent victory, the Broken Glory team become entangled in an all out brawl with a rival faction that causes serious injury to one of their own. It also focuses intense negative publicity on the MMA sport. The immensely displeased Cage Fighting Championship organization delivers the ultimatum that both teams will fight each other in a ‘loser-leave-the-sport-forever’ promotion. Les is forced to his first pro debut in a title match for the Welterweight Championship of the World. But, even after being dominated for three full rounds, Les refuses to give up.


Finally Les is caught in a submission hold that results in a broken arm for him if he does not tap out. But he refuses to do so. Even after the bone is broken, he pushes through the fight with new vigor and seals the victory by knocking out his opponent with a highlight reel blow, becoming the new Welterweight champion and redeems the integrity and honor of his team in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.